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Bulldogs Athletics

Stone Bridge High School


Bulldogs Athletics

Stone Bridge High School

Bulldogs Athletics

Stone Bridge High School

Bulldogs Athletics

Stone Bridge High School

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Sports Medicine Parents Guide

Parents' Guide to Sports Medicine Program (Parent Meeting).pdf

Philosophy: Our goal as the Sports Medicine Staff is to return the student-athlete to participation as quickly and safely as possible without risk of further (and possibly permanent) injury. I will do everything in my power to work with the student-athlete, parents, doctors and coaches to rehabilitate the athlete

Athletic Awards/Lettering Requirements

Lettering Requirments_Awards.pdf

Hazing Policy


Hazing Policy Discussed at Parent Meeting and in Student Athletic Handbook

Core Course GPA Eligibility Calculator


Course Course GPA Calculator for those interested in playing sports in college.


Virginia High School League Main Page

Loudoun County Parks & Recreation is patent-pending, web-based software that allows school counselors, coaches, parents and student-athletes to easily track a student-athlete's progress towards meeting NCAA Eligibility Center requirements (formerly NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse) for both Division I and Division II. generates a detailed "Initial-Eligibility Status Report" which provides the student/parent, coach or counselor with both the Division I and Division II core course GPA as well as corresponding minimum required SAT and ACT scores and a complete listing of the number of core course credits satisfied and the number to be completed. software is made available via an annual license fee to schools or individual subscribers. The software is customized for the specific core course offerings of each member high school. In addition to providing a time-saving tool to calculate NCAA core course GPA, also provides counselors, coaches, parents and student-athletes with pertinent information pertaining to financial aid, the recruiting process and other academic subject matter.

Mission Statement To educate and encourage high school students to make the right choice of playing clean – that is, training hard, eating well and playing with attitude, instead of resorting to illegal and dangerous steroids and performance enhancing products.

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